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Address Services

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What do we do?

Mailwide is an International parcel receiving and distribution service, we act as a middle man receiving parcels and deliveries on behalf of customers and then forwarding them on to our customers.
Many international customers struggle to purchase directly from UK online stores, as such miss out on lots of incredible savings and hard to obtain products in their home country, by using a service like Mailwide, they can shop in the EU or UK and get their goods delivered directly to one of our mail shops in the UK or Spain, we then forward their parcels on to their home address as individual parcels or we can pack several deliveries together and ship out as one larger parcel, saving money on postage costs.
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Tax Free Shopping?

Many companies advertise that they are tax free, some are set up in offshore locations and claim to save you 20% tax and VAT on your packages. This is not true
When the goods are shipped to your home location you are liable for all import tax and duty on those goods, dont be fooled into thinking you can not pay tax, those companies use the sales pitch but ultimately you will have to pay tax on certain goods.


Do you sell goods internationally and require a fully trackable returns service? Whether you are an Amazon seller looking for a company to deal with your returns or simply looking for someone to process and collate all your return products, then we can complete the task for you.
Your customers can book a return directly with us, we receive the return to one of our mail shops and from their we can send the returns to you directly or alternatively wait until we have enough to fill a large box and return them all together in one shipment for you.


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